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be a leader or be lost in the metaverse.

The choice is yours, but it starts now.

Speed & Partnership

 Scalability & Long-Term Growth

Better Connections

woo or true?

WE KNOW IT MAY SOUND WOO, BUT THE TRUTH IS The Metaverse. This new frontier seems rather scary and unknown to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The truth is, though, that what we currently call “The Metaverse” is simply a new way of connection. 


Just like when radio, movies, television, and the internet all first rolled up on the scene, many people thought it was the end of civilization. And though it changed civilization, it did not end it.


What We Offer

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Workflows That Work

Metaiety® is not a one-time, one size fits all. Metaiety® is an ever-evolving experience showing you firsthand how your brand, self, and offer can take full advantage of the ever-evolving metaverse platforms/offer methods.

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Optimized Impressions

What type of impression are you making online? Is it polished, tight, and projecting the expert you are and where you want to go? I doubt it. Most of us have done virtually nothing to manage the overall online impressions we are making. 

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Strategy For Sales Success

If you haven’t realized it by now, everything is a game. Life, business, and definetly the metaverse. And while some business are still playing checkers, the metaverse platform is 3D chess. But with the proper strategy you can effortlessly position yourself and brand to dominate in the metaverse.

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Industry Influencer In A New Age

When the metaverse comes to the masses, it will be like 1999 all over again. Ok, maybe not with all of the end of the world, Y2K prepping, but with the reimagining of what business, your industry, and your client relationship looks like.

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Built for Creatives, by Creatives

Let’s be real. We are small businesses. We don’t have the resources of large, international companies like McDonald's or celebrities like Snoop Dog. We aren’t exactly able to hire coders to build out any real aspect of our space in the Metaverse (yet.) But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to do anything. 

That’s where Metaiety® comes in.

The key to the success in the metaverse is the same key to success when it comes to investing. A little consistency over time gets you massively better results than paying more when your back is against a deadline.

Let us share with you what you can start doing today to get your brand, influence, and offer metaverse ready. Plus, it will make your brand, influence, and offer even more profitable right now!


Long and Short Term Planning

Creative Choice

No Matter How Much

No matter how much the metaverse changes how we do business or our daily lives, it won’t change the fundamental psyche of your audience (or humanity, for that matter.) Creating a stronger emotional experience between you and your audience is a “win/win” all around. 

Metaiety Book Cover

Explore Our Pricing Options

If you are looking for the basic "DIY" options or you want a completely curated custom experience for yourself, your brand, and your audience. We have you covered. 

Get ready to maximize your client relationships today while scaling to a new level of success and influence in the metaverse.

  • Metaiety® Clean Up

    Every month
    • List the key language you need for SEO and meta success
    • Micro and macro expressive images selected to represent you
    • Metatag key brand visuals for use on all platforms
    • Refine and distinguish your core message/ offer
    • Untag you from all posts, spam, and other content
    • Request websites remove untrue, outdated content or platform
  • Metaiety® Partner

    Every month
    • Audit, evaluate, and evolve your offers from today to meta
    • Create a strategy to grow your current brand
    • Step by step guide to begin to create a meta experience
    • Learn how you leverage all of the personalities for success
    • Our experts helping to leverage metaverse opprotunites

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