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Here are the simple facts that as an intelligent person and profitable business you must understand. The Metaverse is coming. Period. The great news is that you have time to get your business in order to be primed to be an influential brand in this new marketplace. (Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.) Yes, the metaverse is a new way to do business. Just like how many entrepreneurs (including myself) pushed back with the advent of blogs, newsletters, and social media because it isn't what we viewed as “real business” - this disdain isn’t stopping its birth. Yes, just like with movies, television, and the internet the metaverse can (and will) be used for “good” and the not-so-good. The content, behavior, relationships, and experience your brand chooses to create on and through the metaverse (as well as everything leading up to it) is YOUR CHOICE. Let’s Talk About (And Take Action On): Why the Metaverse matters to your brand starting today Understanding how the Metaverse is going and already is influencing your niche. How to modify your offers for maximum success Platforms, purpose, and your performance Breaking down the choices you need to make when it comes to leading your brand and audience into this next stage of humanity. And so much more.

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